Confluence of EMAs

​We usually see EMAs separate from each other like this ;

But sometimes they get too close to each other. We call this situation "Confluence of EMAs"

When the confluence of EMAs happens like this, price can rise or fall sharply and to detect this price action you can use coinlegs tools.

You can use the following combinations with the Confluence of EMAs;

  • Confluence of EMAs + Bollinger Upper Band Breakout

  • Confluence of EMAs + Volume Spike

  • Confluence of EMAs + RSI Oversold

  • Confluence of EMAs + Falling Wedge

  • Confluence of EMAs + Bollinger Squeeze

In order to easily obtain Confluence of EMAs detections, you can create Alerts or Custom Signals through the Coinlegs system, and start autotrading bots on LegsBot by using the alerts you create.

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